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UPDATED: Hanshi Hovey and Sensei Kevin Kline announced Camp Hovey Kan 2017 to be held on August 18-20 in King George, VA. Please see the Event Page for the updated flyer and registration form.
Hovey Sensei's Photo: (04/2016)

This photo was taken in April 2016 at the King George Open Karate Tournament - Hanshi Hovey is seated along with the other Masters who attended.
EVENTS:  The February Shiai and April Tournament Photos from the 2017 Events are now availabel on the Events Page.
NEW: Hanshi Hovey has announced that Hanshi Phil Little will be teaching a seminar on July 15, 2017 (10am-3pm) at the King George Dojo.  Lunch will be provided to participants.  See the Event Page for a flyer/registration form.